As the investors and entrepreneurs of a country, we are required to well understand and comprehend the business environments based on the improving and changing human requirements in the world.

Especially in the last decade during which the problems of global economy is heavily felt, cost of entrepreneurship increases and the courage for entrepreneurship gradually disappears.

The developments in communication sector enter all areas of our lives and this forces us to act differently in all fields.

Our manners of conducting business have changed. We have to create work environments in which the concepts of creative approach and creating potentials, effective acting, effective and efficiency come to the forefront and where error free working styles are targeted.

As a group we have been making great efforts for years in the service sector and we continue our effort on the way of opening new horizons for our country with new sectors.

Together with the management and employees of Çalışkan Kardeşler, as a family, it is our objective to fulfill our responsibilities to our nation either in the social or economic field.