ÇALIŞKAN KARDEŞLER CEMİL UĞURLU & BROTHERS COLLECTIVE COMPANY, which started doing business in 1950’s, started its commercial activities in ANKARA by carrying out local and interurban transportation.

It added contracting and trading subjects to its areas in 1970’s.

It continued its activities by acquiring the wholesale fuel oil and mineral oil dealership of PETROL OFİSİ A.Ş. in 1975 and then it added the DEALERSHIP OF DİYARBAKIR TURKISH FIAT TRACTORS among it fields of activity.

It continued its commercial activities with retail and wholesale fuel oil sale and domestic and foreign fuel oil transportation business with 2 PETROL OFİSİ A.Ş. Fuel Oil Stations at ANKARA / SAMSUN YOLU 20. km in 1980.

In 1982 it founded ÇALIŞKAN KARDEŞLER INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION AND COMMERCE CO. INC. and carried out International Transportation works to various EUROPEAN COUNTRIES with its refrigerated TIR fleet.

It acquired the business administration of the fuel oil and service station of PETROL OFİSİ A.Ş. on Etlik Road in addition to its activities in 1985 and currently continues its activities as SARIKIŞLA PETROL COMMERCE CO. INC.

Having founded ÇALIŞKAN KARDEŞLER CONSTRUCTION and COMMERCE CO. INC. in 1987,  it first carried out housing constructions, later it carried out the infrastructure and superstructure works and activities of various government agencies, and completed the construction of a 5-star, 1200-bed hotel of the group at ANTALYA BELEK Tourism center between 1990 – 1992.

It met the aggregate (crushed stone) requirements of various concrete plants, public and private enterprises with its 2 breaking & screening plants of 110 and powerful equipment pools in ANKARA MAMAK DISTRICT KIBRIS VILLAGE in 1990 and continued its activities until 2001. As of that date it has been continuing its activities under the title of UĞURAL CONSTRUCTION TOURISM PETROL INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE CO. INC., which is a company among its field of activity, by making aggregate (crushed stone) production with Turkey’s greatest breaking & screening plant with 1300 TON/HOUR CAPACITY, bituminous hot mix asphalt concrete production in accordance with technical specifications of Turkish Highways and standards of the Turkish Standards Institute with its asphalt plants with 160 TON/hour capacity, production and laying works of sub foundation material with its 400 ton/hour capacity plant-mixing plant, ready-mixed concrete production and distribution works with its 600m3/day capacity plants and ready-mixed concrete plants and also carries out activities on fields of highway, infrastructure, small pond, dam construction of various institutions.

ÇALIŞKAN KARDEŞLER TOURISM ENTERPRISES and COMMERCE CO. INC., which joined our group in 1989, has been continuing its tourism activities since 1992 with 1200-bed and 5-star BELLİS DELUX HOTEL in ANTALYA BELEK TOURISM CENTER. The plant was completely restored in 2014 and it offers service with its brand new concept that combines luxury with room and service understanding.

VADİ PETROL AUTOMOTIVE and COMMERCE CO. INC., having joined our group in 2001, continues its activities with its Fuel Oil, LPG and service station next to Dikmen Road Police Club as a OPET dealer.

ÇALIŞKAN KARDEŞLER INSURANCE INTERMEDIARY SERVICES CO. LTD., which started its activities in 2002, continues its activities as A Agency of Güneş Insurance Co. Inc.

In 2008 it became the authorized sale office of BELLIS HOTEL and offers services such as sale of domestic and foreign flights of all airways, local and foreign travel organizations, visa consultancy services as BELLİS TRAVEL.

In 2012 it acquired the possession of the fuel oil and service station of PETROL OFİSİ A.Ş. in Batıkent in addition to its activities and currently continues its activities as BATI PETROL COMMERCE CO. INC.

Our group has always been placed near the top either for its successes in its fields of activity and on matters of rewarding the taxpaying enterprises at various times from its establishment to date.